Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Resisting Thy Temptation

Right now it is eight thirty something in the evening, and I am debating on whether I should give-in and get two chicken burritos from Chipotle and wait to eat them tomorrow or just not buy them at all. I have decided that it is best to not buy at all and continue to eat less calorie foods and not binge. It has probably been a month since the last time I had Chipotle so that's probably why I am wanting it and probably because it is that time of the month. :(

So what I am trying to do is find ways not to second think my decision on not getting those delicious burritos before the restaurant closes. Which brings me here writing a post about my uuuh....thoughts and desperation. I shall continue to resist because if I do I know it will pay off. Numerous times I have started off on the right track only to sabotage my progress with that one little temptation ending me right back at step one.

They say to drink water and find something to occupy your mind and hands. That doesn't work well with me. If I try drinking water, I either desperately need to eat something or I don't wait long enough for my brain to register that I am full and just need water. If I am trying to take my mind off of thinking what to shove in my mouth next I try to find something to do. But once I do find something and complete it, I still I have time to think about eating. If I really want to achieve this goal, I need to put a lot more effort into it.

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