Friday, April 22, 2011

Can My Life Be Any Busier?

Seriously, my life is so boring. I am thinking that is why I am having a hard time being successful on my second shot of losing weight. I start off the day on the right foot and then mess it up by end of the night because I'm bored and need something to occupy my time or I have an anchoring to eat something in particular. I'm just happy I haven't gained too much weight back. Plus being home day in and day out and to only leave to go to school or work is annoying and depressing. A few days ago I went window shopping at the mall because I was so bored and because my interest was working well. It was fun but I wish I could do more things and hangout with lively people more often. I feel the longer I go without making new friends, the ones I do have will be too busy to do much. *Sigh* if only I knew how to get out and create the fun part of my life. On a good note, from the weight I have already lost I am still getting compliments on how smaller I look.

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