Saturday, April 16, 2011

One Step At A Time

After I had my first gallbladder attack weight loss seemed easier than it does now. But what I can remember is that I took one step at a time. They day after my attack I was scared to eat many things. Since gallstones are balls of cholesterol from fatty foods, I tried cutting down on my fat intake. When I did this I was not thinking about my weight. I ended up losing 3lbs before starting my weight loss journey. Approximately 8 months went by before I had the surgery to take out my gallbladder and during the time in between the day I had it out and my first attack I was able, it seemed, to lose weight without a problem. I was focused on losing weight but at the same time I knew I would exceed eventually.

I have realized what I have to do. I need to focus on my diet and motivate myself to get into more exercises. My gym membership at my school will be running out in approx. 1 month and maybe a couple of weeks, so I need to take advantage of that as much as possible. I, like millions of people that try to lose weight want the pounds to come off fast. But that only keeps you down. You need to better your life without, dare I say it, wanting to lose weight. In more lamens terms, lose the weight without actually trying to lose the weight.

This is what I must do in order not to stress myself out and to not keep falling of the wagon when trying to shed those pesky pounds. Just remember to be concerned with lifestyle and health over numbers. :)

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