Monday, March 28, 2011

Anxious About Mac Powerbook and Weird Dream

I am soooo anxious about my mac laptop. It has barely shipped and I find myself constantly checking my tracking number to see if there has been any updates on it in the system. The more I watch youtube videos on how to use a mac I get more and more anxious to try it out. This is why I don't like ordering stuff off the internet that I really really want. I am like a kid. If i'm home when it is delivered, I crack it open right away. I am more anxious then usually not only because I will get to experience a mac but the fact that I had tried getting another computer before and I had to send it back because it was not working right. I'm hoping it gets here by Wednesday so I have all day Thursday to update and mess with it.

I had a dream last night and it was weird. I was on a bus coming back from a field trip and my cousin was on the bus as well. The bus stopped at a light and my cousin stood up and asked to get off the bus because he saw someone that he didn't like. So I saw that my cousin was about to get into and got off the bus as well to help him out. I ended up getting stabbed and took the knife from the guy that stabbed me and stabbed him as well. Everyone lived and I was back at home. I kept getting gifts from these women that covered up there faces. But I also suspected that the peeps of the guy that I stabbed were trying to get payback so they found out where I lived and was plotting on trying to kill me. Then I woke up.... Like I said that shit was weird.

Current Weight Situation

So I was doing good on my weight up until Saturday. I ate taco salad and of course my Nutella. Then I had a little party with a friend who got some McDonalds McNuggets and I gobbled those up. Went from 155 Lb to 157 Lb. Then on Sunday I ended up eating some Papa John's pizza. So basically I have fell off the wagon once again. I would be able to keep on track if I can control what I eat by saying no and doing more intense exercising. My school has a fitness center of course but I don't feel like using right now. This semester is not happening for well so I just want to go to class and then quickly get back home. That's if i'm not working. Then there are the days that I can't because I have to work in the evening. So that leaves trying to maybe go in the mornings, since my classes or in the afternoon I have a whole morning to do whatever. But my sleep schedule is out of whack so I don't like getting up to do anything before going to my classes. 24 hour fitness is closer to me than my school is but I can't afford the monthly membership. That's why I wish I had a treadmill of my own. I can work out when I want, especially anytime that I am bored. I need something that will help me burn more calories and help encourage me to keep burning more calories. :(

Chemical Peel

I did a chemical peel on 3/25/11. I have bump scars on my neck that I would like to get rid of. Hopefully this will help in some way. I was hesitant on doing because I have increased hours at work and I don't like going to work without makeup, but I think it wont be so bad. It looks really disgusting, well not really disgusting but worse then before I put on the peel. I haven't peeled yet so i'm waiting on that and then i'm waiting on the time to be up to point where I can put on makeup to cover it up a little.

Friday, March 25, 2011

New Computer

I have been thinking about getting another computer since I found out that my current computer has a power jack problem and it is annoying the hell out of me. I started looking on Ebay (discount heaven) for a good deal. I always start on the lower end computers, which are mostly the broken ones and work myself up from there. My current computer is a Compaq so I wanted to try another brand but not Acer. My main criteria though, was to have at least a 15" screen,preferably new but could do with used if it was a good one, have at least 130 GB HD, a good graphics card, a good enough amount of ram/memory, and an integrated camera which was not much of a biggy. With those criteria it was looking like I was to find one that had to be at least $350. So then I started thinking that I should look at some of the Apple laptops. When searching for a laptop I look for ones that come equipped with a good amount of essentials. More specifically hard drive space. But since Apple stuff costs so much anyway. I lowered my expectations of what I want in one these laptops. There has been plenty of debate on which is better Windows computers or Apple computers. Basically the only reason I want to have a mac is so that I get to experience the interface and experience first hand what pro-mac users like so much about it other than the no virus benefit. I knew the newer released models of mac laptops where out of range so I looked at the Ibooks and Powerbooks. Ibooks are the cheapest since they are the oldest but I wanted to be a little more up to date then that so I search through the Powerbook G4 listings. I tried to do a little research on what the different mac laptops have to offer but not much to know what I should get. But I ended finding and getting one that I could not pass up. I thought it was a good deal. I can't wait to mess around with it. I might use it as a backup or using it at school for taking notes. I'm not sure if I will install much on it. Still in debate but i'm sure I will not put music on it. Would take to much time.
Ebay Mac Laptop

Temptations Hinder Weight

So in my last weight post, I posted that I would be able to not eat anything until I went to sleep. Missioned failed! I ended up eating a quesadilla that had pepper jack cheese, chedder cheese dip, and salsa on a wheat tortilla. Pushing my weight from 155.5 Lb to 156.4 this morning. My breakfast consisted of the usual Nutella on four slices of wheat bread toasted. Did a mid-day weight check and I am at 156.6 Lb. I think my dinner will be salmon with maybe a salad.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Rant About My Brother

O M G this n**ga made me late to work AGAIN!! When will he learn to be on time. His a guy and I'm a girl. I am always mostly on time to places. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around. Well....unless your a guiddo.  I don't like messing up my rep. Since I am trying to be an accountant, you need to be professional as much as possible. I don't need the remark from previous employers saying she was constantly late. Someone keeps telling me that I should tell him when I have to work. I don't need to tell him. His a** needs to always be on time unless  something out of his control happens to make him late. Last night, it was close to 11pm and he was up trying to mix music or something when his butt need to be in bed. Or he should at least get himself together the night before so he don't take sooo much time trying to get out the door. Man I need a car of my own.......

My Weight on 3/24/2011

Woke up today trying once again to force myself to stick to losing weight by not straying from the path. If I can resist of not eating anything until I go to sleep, this will be a day 1 accomplishment. I think this goal is feasible since I just weighed myself a few minutes ago and I clocked in at 155.6 LB.This morning I weighed 157 LB. Hooray! But not so much because all I had today was basically some toast. I had four slices of break that had Nutella on it. For those of you who do not know what Nutella is, it is a hazelnut and coco spread. I call it the Italian peanut butter because I saw on a cooking show on Food Network. The cook's name was Giada, and she is Italian(I think). But anyways that stuff is good. It mainly tastes like chocolate to me with a hint of the hazelnut which is not overpowering. I was introduced to the spread through a friend. I watched the cooking show yours before but the idea of the hazelnut turned me off. I would like to thank my friend Rey for introducing this to me.

First Post!!!!!

Ok, so this is my first post on my blog. First I would like to say WELCOME!  To those who come across this blog, this is to let you know that if you like something that I post, please follow or bookmark me. Since this is my first ever blog I accept any advice or positive criticism that will help me better my blog.