Monday, March 28, 2011

Anxious About Mac Powerbook and Weird Dream

I am soooo anxious about my mac laptop. It has barely shipped and I find myself constantly checking my tracking number to see if there has been any updates on it in the system. The more I watch youtube videos on how to use a mac I get more and more anxious to try it out. This is why I don't like ordering stuff off the internet that I really really want. I am like a kid. If i'm home when it is delivered, I crack it open right away. I am more anxious then usually not only because I will get to experience a mac but the fact that I had tried getting another computer before and I had to send it back because it was not working right. I'm hoping it gets here by Wednesday so I have all day Thursday to update and mess with it.

I had a dream last night and it was weird. I was on a bus coming back from a field trip and my cousin was on the bus as well. The bus stopped at a light and my cousin stood up and asked to get off the bus because he saw someone that he didn't like. So I saw that my cousin was about to get into and got off the bus as well to help him out. I ended up getting stabbed and took the knife from the guy that stabbed me and stabbed him as well. Everyone lived and I was back at home. I kept getting gifts from these women that covered up there faces. But I also suspected that the peeps of the guy that I stabbed were trying to get payback so they found out where I lived and was plotting on trying to kill me. Then I woke up.... Like I said that shit was weird.

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