Thursday, March 24, 2011

My Weight on 3/24/2011

Woke up today trying once again to force myself to stick to losing weight by not straying from the path. If I can resist of not eating anything until I go to sleep, this will be a day 1 accomplishment. I think this goal is feasible since I just weighed myself a few minutes ago and I clocked in at 155.6 LB.This morning I weighed 157 LB. Hooray! But not so much because all I had today was basically some toast. I had four slices of break that had Nutella on it. For those of you who do not know what Nutella is, it is a hazelnut and coco spread. I call it the Italian peanut butter because I saw on a cooking show on Food Network. The cook's name was Giada, and she is Italian(I think). But anyways that stuff is good. It mainly tastes like chocolate to me with a hint of the hazelnut which is not overpowering. I was introduced to the spread through a friend. I watched the cooking show yours before but the idea of the hazelnut turned me off. I would like to thank my friend Rey for introducing this to me.

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