Friday, March 25, 2011

New Computer

I have been thinking about getting another computer since I found out that my current computer has a power jack problem and it is annoying the hell out of me. I started looking on Ebay (discount heaven) for a good deal. I always start on the lower end computers, which are mostly the broken ones and work myself up from there. My current computer is a Compaq so I wanted to try another brand but not Acer. My main criteria though, was to have at least a 15" screen,preferably new but could do with used if it was a good one, have at least 130 GB HD, a good graphics card, a good enough amount of ram/memory, and an integrated camera which was not much of a biggy. With those criteria it was looking like I was to find one that had to be at least $350. So then I started thinking that I should look at some of the Apple laptops. When searching for a laptop I look for ones that come equipped with a good amount of essentials. More specifically hard drive space. But since Apple stuff costs so much anyway. I lowered my expectations of what I want in one these laptops. There has been plenty of debate on which is better Windows computers or Apple computers. Basically the only reason I want to have a mac is so that I get to experience the interface and experience first hand what pro-mac users like so much about it other than the no virus benefit. I knew the newer released models of mac laptops where out of range so I looked at the Ibooks and Powerbooks. Ibooks are the cheapest since they are the oldest but I wanted to be a little more up to date then that so I search through the Powerbook G4 listings. I tried to do a little research on what the different mac laptops have to offer but not much to know what I should get. But I ended finding and getting one that I could not pass up. I thought it was a good deal. I can't wait to mess around with it. I might use it as a backup or using it at school for taking notes. I'm not sure if I will install much on it. Still in debate but i'm sure I will not put music on it. Would take to much time.
Ebay Mac Laptop

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