Monday, March 28, 2011

Current Weight Situation

So I was doing good on my weight up until Saturday. I ate taco salad and of course my Nutella. Then I had a little party with a friend who got some McDonalds McNuggets and I gobbled those up. Went from 155 Lb to 157 Lb. Then on Sunday I ended up eating some Papa John's pizza. So basically I have fell off the wagon once again. I would be able to keep on track if I can control what I eat by saying no and doing more intense exercising. My school has a fitness center of course but I don't feel like using right now. This semester is not happening for well so I just want to go to class and then quickly get back home. That's if i'm not working. Then there are the days that I can't because I have to work in the evening. So that leaves trying to maybe go in the mornings, since my classes or in the afternoon I have a whole morning to do whatever. But my sleep schedule is out of whack so I don't like getting up to do anything before going to my classes. 24 hour fitness is closer to me than my school is but I can't afford the monthly membership. That's why I wish I had a treadmill of my own. I can work out when I want, especially anytime that I am bored. I need something that will help me burn more calories and help encourage me to keep burning more calories. :(

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