Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Update On Weight Loss

Since I haven't spoke in a good time, I decided to do a quick update on where I am on my weight loss. My highest starting weight was 156 lbs. It has taken approximately 3 weeks for me to get from 156 to my current weight of 146. So far I have lost approx 10 lbs and have 13 lbs to go till I meet my first weight goal of 133 lbs. I have decided that for my accomplishment of my weight lost I will have my belly button pierced either near or when I reach my first or second weight goal. The first week of trying to get back on track is really hard. You have to resist those temptations of junk food and cramming things into your mouth. I combated this by chewing gum. Stride gum to be exact and I couldn't believe how well it helped along with telling myself that I didn't need to be eating so late. Anxious to see what I will look like once this is all done. Might even wear a bikini........might.

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